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Corporate | Manufacture Services

We Handle Any Size Job
Big or Small We Do It All

While we specialize in end-of life computer and electronics recycling, our facilities are equipped to handle so much more. Houston Electronic Recycling is here to help you with all your recycling needs. We handle E-recycling for a variety of industries including corporate, schools, medical, government, and small businesses.

The following are some of the services available to our valued clients:

  • Standard PC & IT Equipment Pickup Service

  • On-Site Removal of IT Equipment Service

  • Corporate Clean –Out Disposal Service

  • Electronic Recycling

  • Detailed Serialized Inventories

  • Purchasing Computer Scrap & Equipment Appraisal

  • Certificates of Destruction

  • Certificates of Recycling

  • Brokerage

  • Convenient Professional On-Site Pickup Services

  • Manifest / Weights

  • Drive / Media Erasure or Destruction

  • Regional and Nation-wide Pickup Available

  • After-hours and Weekend Services

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